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EPA Summary Report Africa 2013

12 mitigation technology has been invented through co-invention. While 12 % of mitigation technologies and only 9 % of all inventions worldwide have been developed through co-invention, Africa has a particularly high rate. Africa’s co-invention rate is higher than the rate worldwide in all cases except inventions in solar thermal, nuclear energy and waste-to-energy. While there is almost no intra-Africa co-invention, the US, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France and Canada are Africa’s most frequent partners in co-invention projects. When it comes to adaptation technologies there is hardly any international research collaboration (co-invention) and only very little co-invention activity, mostly in desalination, and primarily with South Africa. The map shows co-invention between South Africa and the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, between Maghreb countries and US, between Maghreb and France, and between, countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and the USA. International co-invention between African countries and the rest of the world