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Korea: Free English machine translation tool in KIPRIS

In early January 2014, the Korean Patent Office (KIPO) launched a free Korean to English machine translation service which is available via the KIPRIS search system. The new service offers translations for all publications from the early 1980s until the present day. The translated document includes both the English translation and the original Korean text which are shown in parallel.

Apart from this new translation tool, users can still also use the fee-based K2E-PAT machine translation service. This service is also available in KIPRIS or via the EPO’s Asian information services.

To access these new features, please proceed to the "Patent” database of the KIPRIS search system.  

For a step by step search guide how to retrieve the English machine translations in KIPRIS, please refer to the “Searching in databases” section on the EPO’s website on Asian patent information.

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