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K2E-PAT (Korean to English Automatic Machine Translation) service available via the EPO

The EPO's Asian patent information services can obtain machine-translated English versions of Korean patent and utility model documents from KIPRIS (Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Service) on behalf of users.

The following documents are available in machine-translated English via the K2E-PAT service on KIPRIS:

  • Korean unexamined patent publications (A) from 1983 to date,
  • Korean examined patent publications (B1) from 1979 to date 
  • Korean unexamined utility model publications (U) from 1998 to date,
  • Korean registered utility models (Y1) from 1979 to date.
  • International patent publications (PCT) (A) from 1985 to date
  • International utility model publications (PCT) (U) from 1986 to date

How to order

Please use our order form.

For bulk orders, please contact the EPO's Asian patent information services at or send a fax to +43 1 52126 4197.

Make sure your order contains the following:

  • the number of the Korean document(s) for which you need a machine translation
  • some additional information on the document(s) (dates, IPC classes, etc.) so we can be sure of finding the correct document for you
  • your name and full invoicing address

Usually, your queries will be answered within one or two working days, and in urgent cases, within a few hours. You will receive the requested machine translation in PDF format by e-mail.

The price per machine-translated document is EUR 26.

For further details, please contact us by telephone at +43 1 52126 4545.

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