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Release notes July 2013

1. Improvements

1.1. EP Register

1.1.1. The URL to the EP Register has been updated to: Your bookmarks containing '/espacenet/' will be redirected until January 2014, after which they will become invalid. We recommend that you update your bookmarks right away.

1.1.2. To offer you the option of keeping up to date on EP Register Maintenance news and News flashes, RSS feeds are now available in these sections (left-side navigation panels):

Click on the RSS icon.

If your browser is Firefox or Internet Explorer (8 or higher), you will be prompted to subscribe directly to feeds that you can then consult in your browser's built-in RSS reader:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

If you use Google Chrome, you will need to download a reader. Feedly, a free RSS reader, is popular amongst Chrome users.

1.1.3.  A new link to the European patent bulletin has been added to the online services menu:

1.1.4.  In the About this file view, under Publications, A1 applications published by WIPO are now linked ...

... to the contents of the European publication server in the Result list:

1.1.5.  Also in the About this file view, additional data is available.

There is a new section Appeal following opposition:

Under the section Examination procedure as well as in the Event history view, you will now find information about the 'Request for correction of the decision to grant filed':

1.1.6. In the Legal status view, there are now tooltip labels indicating the national patent office for each deep link:

1.1.7 As in the All documents view, you can now sort contents by date in either ascending (default) or descending order in the Event history view:

1.2.  Register Alert

1.2.1. For your monitored applications, you can now change their status to Seen (white dot) or Unseen (black dot) by simply clicking directly on the icon:

1.2.2.  Now when you click on Report error ...

... you will be redirected to a contact form with the topic, subject and application number pre-filled for your convenience:

1.2.3.  In the case of Euro-PCT applications, you will now get a message notifying you that an application is already in your monitored list. For example, if your list contains a publication number that was added by reference to its EP number, that publication cannot be added by reference to its WO publication number:

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