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Release notes March 2013

1. Bugs fixed

1.1. EP Register

  • Application numbers shown in your Register Alert notifications are displayed in the same eight-digit format as they are displayed in your list of monitored applications:

  • Procedural data displayed under Limitations in the About this file section is now arranged according to date, following the same pattern as in the other sections of the EP Register:

2. Improvements

2.1. EP Register

  • The Contact button on the application identifier bar now points to a contact form to support a new process that helps users more effectively with requests and enquiries to the EPO:

2.1.1. New features

  • The Federated Register is a new section which is currently being built into the EP Register. It will provide data on the legal status of EP patent documents in the national phase.

    Until this service goes into production, the button in the EP Register leading to this new section will be disabled:

    When the Federated Register service goes into production, it will look like the other sections of the EP Register:

2.2. Register Alert

  • When printing lists of changed events, users with more than one Register Alert username now get to see the username related to that monitored list. The number of items is also displayed:

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