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Release notes November 2014

1. European Patent Register

1.1. RSS Feeds and search query display

Subscribers to RSS feeds in the Search results list in the European patent register will now have the corresponding search query displayed in the RSS notification.

1.2. Column for "representative"

A Representative column has been added to the Search results view.

If there is more than one representative for an application, only the first one will be shown in the table (the same as for applicants).

The new representative column will also be available via exporting into XLS and CSV, and when subscribing to RSS feeds.

Where the representative information is not available the column will look like this:

1.3. Amended Rule 164

Amended Rules 164 and 135 EPC

Amended Rules 164 and 135 EPC enter into force on 1 November 2014. Under amended Rule 164 EPC applicants may obtain, upon payment of a (further) search fee, a search of any invention claimed which was not searched by the European Patent Office (EPO) in the international phase. Moreover, applicants may choose any invention searched by the EPO in either the international phase, the procedure for supplementary European search or the procedure under Rule 164 EPC as the basis for further prosecution of the Euro-PCT application in the European phase.

Article 2(1), item 2, first indent, of the Rules relating to Fees (Renewal Fees) has been amended to include the search fee for searches under Rule 164 EPC.


When Rule 164 is applied, the date of despatch of the communication and the EP Bulletin number are displayed in the About this file panel in the Examination procedure section.

Depending on the decision of the examination division, one of the following texts will also be displayed: 

Example 1 Search results attached to communication: 

"Despatch of a communication from the examining division to which search results under Rule 164(2) EPC are annexed (Time limit: MXX) [YYYY/WW]" 


Example 2 Search results attached to communication of the intention to grant:

"Communication of intention to grant the patent to which search results under Rule 164(2) EPC are annexed [YYYY/WW]" 

These events will also be displayed under Event history.

Citations from search results under Rule 164(2) are shown in the About this file panel in the Documents cited section and in the Citations panel in the Cited in/examination section.

1.4. Lapses (Improved and defined)

In the About this file view, the title Lapse has been changed to Lapses during opposition to better reflect its exact meaning. A tooltip has been added to define the meaning.

Lapse information can be retrieved in:

a) About this file in the Most recent event and Lapses during opposition sections
b) Event history
c) Legal status in the Designated contracting states and INPADOC data sections.

These sections deliver different lapse information depending on the source. See the new help file on Lapses for more information.

1.5. New search field "date of grant"

It is now possible to search for applications with the date of grant. The new field is displayed in the Advanced search section. The following input formats can be used to search in this field:


To search in Smart search the following field identifiers can be used:

grant-date = 2010
grd = 2010

For more information see the Date of grant help file.

1.6. Documents filed by opponent

The drop-down menu of the All documents section now allows you to select under Opposition any of the individual opponents, in order to display all the documents received from that opponent by the EPO.

The first opponent is named Proprietor. The following opponents are numbered, 02, 03, 04 and so on.

1.7. New Search field "Appeal case number"

A new search field in Advanced search allows you to search for an application when it is in the appeal procedure using the Appeal case number.

To search in Smart search the following field identifiers and formats can be used:

apl = T0500
apl = "T0500 14"
appeal = "T0500 10"
appeal = "T0500"

For more information about searching with board of appeal case numbers take a look at "How to use the advanced search interface for board of appeal decisions".

For more information see the Appeal case number help file.

1.8. Register events

The Register events documentation now provides a clear definition of which events have a trigger and where these can be activated or deactivated. To activate the main events in Register Alert you must select substantial procedural actions under Preferences.

The events have now been divided into two categories: Main events and All events. For more information go to the Register events page.

1.9. New Tooltip

A tooltip has been added to Parent applications in the About this file panel to make it clear which applications belong to which generation. The tooltip explains that the applications are listed in chronological order, from oldest to youngest.

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