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Release notes July 2012

2 July 2012

1. Bugs

1.1. EP Register

  • Refine search has been fixed (was displaying coded characters for non-text characters).
  • Examination procedure: the European Patent Bulletin issue number is now displayed in the correct format alongside the procedural step "New documents discovered".

  • The Espacenet link for a Euro-PCT document in the EP Register now takes you to the corresponding WO document in Espacenet.
  • Divisional application(s): the display of the status of divisionals has been re-instated.
  • Deleted lapses are now displayed in the Show history view:

1.2. Register Alert

  • Default sort order under Preferences now works.
  • List of events under Monitoring Profiles in Preferences: all events are ticked by default.
  • When editing monitored applications that already have a Reference and/or Description, the existing entries are now shown in the edit box.
  • Checkbox Select all has been added in Monitored applications.

2. Improvements

2.1. Register Alert

  • Format of tooltips has been brought into line with the EPO online style guides.
  • Register Alert has been integrated into the European Patent Register. Its functionality has been retained however. Register Alert authentication is via username and password (smart card authentication is no longer supported).

    This Login link takes you to the Register Alert registration page:

2.2. Deep linking

  • A new deep link to the Portuguese and the Slovenian Patent Registers has been added.

3. New features

  • Flexible deep linking: deep linking is now completely soft-coded, so new countries can be added without requiring a new release of the EP Register.
  • Public notifications are now indicated in the panel view About this file and in the ST.36 XML download.

    ST.36 XML PUNO data

  • A tooltip for the Most recent event has been added.

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