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Release notes September 2012

3 October 2012

1. Bugs

1.1. EP Register

  • E-mail addresses with a hyphen after the @ symbol are accepted (previously a hyphen after the @ symbol was not included in the validation rules)
  • Proper rendering of addresses (previously, in some cases, there were spaces missing in the applicant's address)
  • Patent family available for EP2499363 (previously patent family data was missing for A0 publications where the WIPO publication did not match the EP publication)

1.2. Register Alert

  • Monitored applications correctly sort by "Appl./Publ. No." (previously there was an issue with sorting when a monitored application was deleted from the user's list)

2. Improvements

2.1. EP Register

  • The layout of international and supplementary search reports has been changed (example: WO2009013535):

2.2. Register Alert

  • The search field is no longer case-sensitive (previously this was the case, which limited users' searches)

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