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EP-A and EP-B full text collection

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A raw data collection including the full text in machine-readable format of all patent applications and granted patent specifications published by the EPO since it was set up in 1978.

     Download a sample file

This raw data product is available in XML and PDF/A as frontfile and backfile data.

With EP-A and EP-B full text data you can:

  • access the full text of the entire collection of EP publications (A and B)
  • download weekly frontfiles and the backfile
  • search the complete EP full text collection using your own search interface, in-house database or search engine
Getting started
  1. Check the sample data and information on the main features of our raw data products.
  2. Order the product from
  3. Use your user credentials (which will be sent to you via e-mail) to get data from the download area.
  • EP-A documents from 1978 onwards
  • EP-B documents from 1980 onwards
European patent applications (EP-A documents) filed via the PCT route and published by WIPO in one of the three official languages of the EPO are not republished by the EPO. For these cases, only minimum information is available (EP publication, corresponding PCT application number, etc.)
 Formats Frontfile and backfile: XML ST36 and PDF/A 
 Volume Frontfile: approx. 2.5 GB (zipped)
Backfile in XML(1978 -2014): approx. 450 GB (zipped)
Backfile in PDF/A (1978 – 2014): approx. 1.2 TB 
 Delivery Current data is available as a weekly download.
Publication takes place every Wednesday, at 14.00 hrs CET.
Backfile data is provided on a hard disk.
 Price Subscription 2016 (download): EUR 4 210

Backfile: EUR 24 610
EP-A documents from 1978 to 2015
EP-B documents from 1980 to 2015
All documents in XML and PDF/A format
Data delivered on physical carrier

Companies wishing to offer products or services based on EPO raw data, or who already do so, must sign a licence agreement.

Further information

The EPO has a legal obligation to publish the patent applications it receives (EP-A documents) and the patents it grants (EP-B documents).

A weekly file containing all EP-A and EP-B documents for that week is published every Wednesday at 14.00 hrs.

Where to find European patent documents

Sources of information on national phase entries of EP patents

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