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Change of number formats for Singapore patent applications

With the launch of the IP2SG e-filing portal, the format of application numbers was changed in February 2014. For all applications filed via the new system, the format will be the following: TTYYYYNNNNNC. TT indicates the type of application (10 for national filings, 11 for PCT applications), YYYY indicates the year of filing, NNNNN indicates the serial number and C is an assigned letter, chosen from P-Y. (Example of a new application number: 10201300005Y).

Previously, in addition to the application number, the documents were laid open with a separate publication number. This publication number was then also used as a grant number. With the recent change, these publication and grant numbers were abolished and all applications and subsequent grants will be referred to by their application numbers.

Furthermore, the old numbers used for applications in the 1990s and 2000s were adapted to the format used in the IP2SG portal, converting the two-digit years to four-digit years and dropping a dash before the check digit.

For more information on IP2SG and on the changes described above, please visit the FAQ section on the IPOS website.

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