Korea: English information on fee payments available in Korean Patent Abstracts

Désolé. Actuellement, cette page n'existe pas en français.

Within the last months, the Korean Patent Abstracts (KPA), available in the KIPRIS search system, were updated with a number of new features of great interest for non-Korean users.

If the patent was granted, the KPA includes a link which leads to an overview of fee payments presented entirely in English language. Until now, information on fee payments were available only in Korean via the "patent search" database in KIPRIS.

Furthermore, the bibliographic information of new publications is now available already one month prior to the publication of the abstract which reduces the time lag of the KPA database considerably.

Some further new features of the KPA include:

  • detailed legal status overview about all relevant events from filing to grant
  • highlighting of keywords in the abstracts
  • English translation of descriptions in the representative drawing (available in the near future)

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