Chinese Taipei: TIPO has launched a "quick version" of TWPAT search interface

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

The Taiwan Patent Office (TIPO) added a "quick version" to its Chinese language online patent database TWPAT in May 2012. On the main entry page of the database, the user now has two choices: a "complete version" (green button) and a "quick version" (blue button). The only difference is in the search interfaces: the new "quick version" does not provide any search fields for the text of the description (DE) and claims (CL) anymore, which speeds up the retrieval of results. The search interface of the "complete version" remains unchanged to the previous edition of TWPAT. Full documents can still be retrieved via both the "quick" and the "complete" versions.

The corresponding search guides on the EPO's Asian patent information webpages have already been updated to reflect these changes. Information can be found in a news item on TIPO's website (Chinese only).

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