PATOLIS closes English database for Japanese legal status information

On 1 September 2012, the Japanese patent information provider PATOLIS will close its English language database. As a result, the database printouts of Japanese legal status information that customers used to order from the EPO's Asian Patent Information Services, will no longer be available in English, but only in Japanese. As the number codes used for legal status events remain unchanged in the Japanese version, users can decipher them with the help of a free English search guide.

As an alternative to the bare database printouts, users can order fully annotated Japanese legal status reports in English or German. These reports will now be based on the Japanese database printouts from PATOLIS, but the format of the reports will stay the same as in the previous years.

For a sample of a Japanese database printout or an annotated legal status report, please contact Further information on the prices and delivery formats of the EPO's legal status services can also be found on our website.

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