Korea: KIPO plans to improve the quality of the Korean Patent Abstracts (KPA)

The Korean Patent Office (KIPO) has published 1.81 million English abstracts of Korean patents (KPA) since 1979 and distributes them to foreign patent offices throughout the world. The abstracts are included in search systems and databases such as KIPRIS and K-PION. KIPO has now announced its plan to improve the quality of the KPA in order to make it easier for foreign users to search Korean data.

In order to improve the translation quality of the KPA, KIPO plans to expand the amount of abstracts proofread by native English speakers from currently 5% to 50% of all abstracts by 2013. English translations of drawings in the abstracts, which are currently only provided in Korean, will also be provided from next year onwards. The number of countries having access to a swift online supply of English abstracts via FTP will then also be expanded. 

For more information, see  KIPO news of 28 September 2012 (in English; please click on "Public Relations" and afterwards on "News"). 

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