China: online file inspection at SIPO now possible in English

The Chinese Patent Office (SIPO) launched an English interface to its "China Patent Inquiry System" (CPQUERY) in early December 2012. Interfaces in other languages will follow.

As announced in an earlier "Update", CPQUERY gives the public online access to file wrapper information for Chinese patent, utility model and design applications. The system covers information for applications filed on or after 10 February 2010 and is updated on a weekly basis.

Users can retrieve bibliographic data, application information, corrections/amendments, office actions, decisions (grant, refusal, withdrawal) and other documents contained in the file. Post-grant information is not included.

In order to search, simply click on "public enquiry" and accept the terms and conditions ("instruction") on the next page. The search works with application numbers, which have to be entered including the check digit, but without "." (9 or 12 digits altogether). It is currently not possible to search with English titles or applicant names. The individual documents in the file can then be accessed in PDF format under "examination information".

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