Korea: KIPO revised a number of regulations to make procedures more user-friendly

In 2013, the Korean Patent Office (KIPO) revised 17 regulations to make patent administration procedures easier and more user-friendly. The revisions are part of the governments' project "advancement of the system to acquire, implement and protect intellectual property rights". The amendments include, among others, the following provisions:

  • free of charge online service for the re-issue of patent certificates
  • automatic registration of address changes by linking KIPO's databases with the governments' address information system. The aim of this revision is to avoid the lapse of patents because to the fact that the patent owner could not be contacted after he/she had changed residence
  • new regulations for patent right transfers. If an application for a transfer of a patent right includes any mistakes, the patent owner may correct these mistakes simply by filing amendments but does not need to submit a new request against extra fees any longer

For further information, also on further revised regulations, please refer to KIPO news of 3 December 2013 and KIPO's related online presentation in Youtube (both in Korean only).


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