SIPO: Online file inspection now possible in eight languages

Désolé. Actuellement, cette page n'existe pas en français.

In the last few weeks, the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO) launched interfaces in German, French, Korean and Russian to search its "China Patent Inquiry System" (CPQUERY). Following the launch of the Spanish and Japanese interfaces in May 2013 and the English interface in December 2012, SIPO's files can now be inspected using search interfaces in seven major languages other than Chinese.

CPQUERY gives the public online access to file wrapper information for Chinese patent, utility model and design applications. The source is available free-of-charge on SIPO's English website. Users can switch between the languages by clicking on the corresponding links on top of the English entry page. The system covers information for applications filed on or after 10 February 2010 and is updated on a weekly basis.

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