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Description of legal status codes - Australia

Code Title  Date last modified  Download 
The Australian patent procedure, revised version (16.7.2009) PDF
DTD for code sheet in XML format DTD
Collection of all Australian legal status codes
AU ADV Advertisement 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU AMFD Amendment of filing date  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU BG Complete specifications treated as provisional specifications, Section 37 07.09.2009 PDF XML
AU CB Opposition lodged  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU CB4 Opposition under Section 104(4) lodged 03.09.2009 PDF XML
AU CC Opposition dismissed 21.08.2009 PDF XML
AU CC1 Opposition dismissed - proceeding to sealing 21.08.2009 PDF XML
AU CC4 Opposition under Section 104(4) dismissed 02.10.2009 PDF XML
AU CFC Application withdrawn - opposition proceedings  07.08.2009 PDF XML
AU CH Opposition withdrawn  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU CH4 Opposition under Section 104(4) withdrawn 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU CNC5 Notice of opposition under Section 223(6) and Chapter 5 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU CR Opposition proceedings - application refused 01.09.2009 PDF XML
AU CSOP Complete specification open to public inspection according to Sect. 54 Patents Act 1990 02.10.2009 PDF XML
AU CSPF Provision under Sect. 173 (Publication forbidden) revoked: complete specification lodged 29.09.2009 PDF XML
AU CSPO Provision under Sect. 173 (Publication forbidden) revoked: Complete specification open to public inspection 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU CW Opposition withdrawn - proceeding to sealing 21.08.2009 PDF XML
AU DA2 Applications for Amendment Section 104 07.08.2008 PDF XML
AU DA3 Amendments made Section 104 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU DA4 Notice of intention to amend compl. spec./letters patent etc. pursuant to Order 58 Rule 10 of Fed. Court Rules 10.09.2009 PDF XML
AU DA5 Amendment Section 105 Patents Act 1990 - amendment directed by court 10.09.2009 PDF XML
AU DA6 Amendments Section 104; application for amendment withdrawn 08.09.2009 PDF XML
AU FF Certified innovation patent 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU FGA Letters Patent Sealed (Standard Patent) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU FGD Duplicate letters patent sealed 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU FGF Patent sealed (petty patent)  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU FGI FGI Letters Patent Sealed (Innovation Patent) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU GC Cancellation of licence agreement 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU GD Licence registered  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU GM Mortgages registered  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU HB Alteration of Name in Register 19.08.2008 PDF XML
AU HC1 Change of applicant's name (Sect. 215), death of applicant 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU HGD Change of name of licencee 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU MAK Offer to surrender letters patent 12.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MAL Surrender and revocation of letters patent 12.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MAY Offer to surrender petty patent 12.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MFS Surrender and revocation of petty patent 12.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MK1 Application lapsed Section 142(2)(a) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK3 Application lapsed section 142(2)(c) - Examination deferred under section 46, no request for examination  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU MK4 Application lapsed Section 142(2)(d) - no continuation fee paid for the application 20.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK5 Application lapsed Section 142(2)(e) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK6 Application lapsed Section 142(2)(f) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK7   Application lapsed Reg. 3.2(5)(A) - No comply with direction appl. was given  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU MK10 Application lapsed section 142(4)(b) - Petty Patent: Applicant didn't comply with a notice from Commissioner 20001221 27.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MK12 Application lapsed section 141(1)/Reg. 8.3(2)  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU MK13 Application withdrawn Section 141(2)/Reg 8.3(2) 28.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK14 Patent ceased Section 143(a) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK16 Application refused 01.09.2009 PDF XML
AU MK17 Application lapsed Reg. 22.2B(2) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK18 Application lapsed Reg. 3.2B(3), (5) or (6) - non-compliance with formalities direction within prescribed time limits 08.09.2009 PDF XML
AU MK20 Patent ceased Section 143A(b)/Reg. 22.2D(2) or (4) - Non-payment of examination fees within the prescribed period 10.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MK21 Patent ceased under section 101C(b)/section 143A(c)/Reg. 9A.4  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU MK22 Patent ceased Section 143A(d), or expired - Non-payment of renewal fee or expiry 15.08.2008 PDF XML
AU MK24 Application lapsed Reg. 22.2E(2) - Failure to pay response fee 21.08.2009 PDF XML
AU MK25 Application lapsed Reg. 22.2I(2) - Failure to pay acceptance fee  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NA Applications received for extensions of time, Section 223 21.08.2008 PDF XML
AU NAA1 Applications designating Australia and claiming priority from Australian documents  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NB Applications allowed - extensions of time Section 223(2) 28.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NBA Extensions of time - section 223(1)  05.08.2009 PDF XML
AU NBW Application of extension of time under Section 223 withdrawn 29.09.2009 PDF XML
AU NC Extension of term requested for standard patent (Sect. 70)  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NCF Extension of term requested for petty patent (Sect. 69)  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NCW   Application for extension of term withdrawn under s.70 (Patents Act 1990) 11.09.2009 PDF XML 
AU NDA Extension of term for standard patent accepted (Sect. 70)  31.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NDB Extension of term of standard patent granted (sect. 70, 74)  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NDF Extension of term granted for petty patent (Sect. 69)  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU NDP Decision on application to extend the term of a petty patent 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU NDR Extension of term of standard patents, Section 70. Refusal 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU NREF Refusal of Section 223 (extension of time) 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU ON Official Notes - Decision of a delegate or deputy of the Commissioner of Patents  17.07.2009 PDF XML
AU PAF Provision under Sect. 173 (Publication forbidden) revoked: provisional application filed 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU PC Assignment registered 29.07.2009 PDF XML
AU PC1 Assignment before grant (Sect. 113) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU PCD Proceeding under Section 215 (death of applicant or nominated person) 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU RIS Re-issue 29.09.2009 PDF XML
AU ROP Revocation of patent. 01.10.2009 PDF XML
AU SREP Specification Republished 22.08.2008 PDF XML
AU S32 Proceeding under Section 32 - Disputes between applicants etc. 28.09.2009 PDF XML
AU TC Change of applicant's name (Sec.104) 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU TH Corrigenda 04.08.2008 PDF XML
AU WETP Withdrawn extension of term application - petty patent 29.09.2009 PDF XML

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