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File description File type File size Last updated Download
Kind code concordance list
XLS 354 KB W 14/2015 download
340 KB
W 14/2015 download
Number format concordance - publication numbers
313 KB
W 14/2015 download
308 KB
W 14/2015 download
Number format concordance - application numbers
113 KB
W 14/2015 download 
109 KB
W 14/2015 download 
Overview of citation data in the EPO's citation database (REFI)  XLS
36 KB
W 39/2015 download
Categorisation of recently used legal status codes
636 KB
W 41/2015 download
Statistical ranges of legal status data with codes and examples 
XLS 420 KB
W 43/2015
Sources of information on national phase entries of EP patents  PDF
17 KB
W 41/2015
Where to find European patent documents
111 KB
W 43/2014
Main features of raw data products and services  PDF  54 KB  W 08/2015  download

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