European patent applications and specifications (EPAB)

The free EPAB online search tool is designed for people who need to monitor European patent applications and granted patents.

The tool offers advanced search capabilities, including full-text searching.

Direct access

The EPAB interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

The European patent applications and granted patents are also available on DVDs offering the same advanced search capabilities (DVDs delivered weekly, see ESPACE EP-A/B).

Coverage and updates

Cumulative database as of week 36/2013. Update every Wednesday at 14.00 hrs CET.

Special features

  • Perform your searches in a secured https environment
  • Use over 60 search criteria covering indexed bibliographic data, including citations, classifications and representatives, as well as descriptions and claims
  • Display the bibliographic data, description, claims, all drawings and legal status
  • Have direct access to the original document in PDF
  • Translate the titles, abstracts, descriptions and claims of the retrieved documents to and from English and many other languages using the Patent Translate machine-translation feature
  • Save your search queries for later use (e.g. for patent monitoring)
  • Customise your result lists, and select different export formats (e.g. PDF, XML)
  • Represent your search statistics graphically

Getting started

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