Release notes & known issues

Also published as paper documents
The problem with searches failing if an equivalent document had an Espacenet unknown field in the system has been solved.

Search statements (Smart Search)
The former presentation of search statements has been restored.

Claim parser
The claim parser now ignores tags wrapping claim numbers, for example RTI.

Export all citations

When exporting lists, not all citations for all of the documents in the result lists were exported. This error has been fixed.

Session time-out
If your session during the browsing of a results list is idle for 20 minutes, a message will appear on your screen and you will be taken back to the first page of that result list. You can then continue working with your result list. You now no longer have to restart your browser.

Wild cards
The wild card rules are now identical for searching in both the worldwide database and the EP database.
The ? wild card mode has been corrected to allow 0 or 1 characters.

RSS local handling
The RSS feed function has been enhanced so that it can also handle the French and German languages on the French and German interfaces.

It is now also possible to print a document while in "Maximised view".

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