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Release notes November 2014

1. Espacenet: Feature changes and improvements

1.1. Global dossier in Espacenet

The EPO and SIPO have now launched the Global dossier in Espacenet.

Global dossier provides a single point of access to file wrapper (file inspection) content published by selected partner offices. In the case of SIPO (the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China), the EPO has been supplied with file inspection content for applications with a national filing date as from 10 February 2010 (if available), in addition to a machine translation from Chinese into English.

The Screenshot1 icon is displayed in the command line panel when a file wrapper is available.


Click on the Global dossier link to open a separate window displaying the table of contents (ToC) of the family member's file wrapper. The partner office's logo and the family member's application number appear at the top.


You will see three columns, each containing data about the individual documents in the dossier: a date, a description and the number of pages (if figure available).

Clicking on a description marked (ORIGINAL) will display the original document in Chinese (left below).


Clicking on a description marked (TRANSLATED) will display the English translation provided by SIPO of the Chinese-language original (right above).


1.2. Enhanced patent translate target option

Relevant family members or "Also published as" documents (equivalents) are now shown in the Description and Claims windows to provide quick access via hyperlinks to the corresponding description or claims part of the relevant equivalents.

This function enables you to read the document in .pdf format in your preferred language (if available).


Only family members with a corresponding description and claims in .pdf format will be shown in the new panel (see screenshot above) in the Description or Claims windows.

The family members displayed are hyperlinked to .pdf files, and when clicked they open  the corresponding description/claims.


The claims part of the .pdf will open to correspond with the claims you are looking at.

The description part of the .pdf will open to correspond with the description you are looking at.

This feature is not available for the abstract.

The Bibliographic data view remains unchanged.

1.3. Claims tree link adapted

The Claims tree link has been enhanced to provide the Claims tree tab indicated below.


1.4. Manual correction of machine translation

It is now possible for you to submit corrections to the translations provided by Patent Translate in Espacenet. By doing so, you are adding new corpora to the machine translation system and helping to improve its translation ability.

The following example is based on the translation of an abstract fom English to Albanian:


Clicking on the patent translate button will open a new window with the text translated into Albanian.

As soon as you click anywhere in the translated text buttons appear, such as Submit Corrections and Close.


Clicking on the Submit Corrections button will open the Correction Editor.


1.5. CPC 2000 Series feature change

CPC buttons have been changed. We now have two toggle buttons for the 2000 series classifications. You can choose to show them interleaved or exclude them from the classification results list.


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