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Deep linking – direct link to national patent registers

The Federated European Patent Register Service  will allow you to perform federated searches in multiple patent registers so that you can retrieve reliable legal status information on patents in national offices. It is being implemented in a three-phase project.

The deep linking service - phase 1 of the project - is already up and running. It enables you to consult the legal status data of an EP document in each national patent register once it enters the national phase.

Each participating patent office has provided its own way of linking to its national register and defined which of its documents can be accessed, so no two offices are providing exactly the same service.

Here is a list of the participating offices and the data coverage they provide:

National Office Deep linking introduced on Data coverage starting from
AT 13-07-2012 (*)
BE 24-04-2012 (*)
CH 02-07-2012 (*)
CZ 02-08-2012 (*)
DE 11-10-2012 (*)
DK 02-08-2012 (*)
EE 02-07-2012 (*)
ES 02-07-2012 (*)
FI 02-07-2012 (*)
FR 02-07-2012 01-01-1989
GB 02-07-2012 31-12-1988
GR 05-06-2013 (*)
HU 13-07-2012 (*)
HR 09-01-2013 (*)
IE 02-07-2012 (*)
IS 17-01-2013 (*)
IT 23-01-2014 (*)
LT 07-09-2012 (*)
LU 02-07-2012 (*)
NL 02-07-2012 (*)
NO 02-07-2012 (*)
PL 02-08-2012 (*)
PT 02-07-2012 (*)
SE 15-02-2013 (*)
SK 26-11-2012 (*)
SI 02-07-2012 01-03-1994
TR 17-01-2014 (*)
01-11-2004 to 03-06-2006
  (*) National office has not imposed any limit on the data coverage of its deep linking service  

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