Directory of patent information centres (PATLIB)

PATLIB Centre Aalborg

Host organisation:
Name of centre: Aalborg University
PO box: P.O. Box 159
PO box address:
Street: Fredrik Bajers Vej 5||DK
Postcode / Town: 9100 Aalborg
Country: Denmark
Telephone number: 0045 99409400
Opening hours: Monday: n/a
Tuesday: n/a
Wednesday: n/a
Thursday: n/a
Friday: n/a
IP rights covered
Trade marks
Search services The PATLIB centre carries out IP searches for the public. This service may range from relatively basic bibliographic searches (e.g. for a patent number, an applicant's or inventor's name, or the legal status of an application) to highly sophisticated searches concerning technical areas (state-of-the-art, novelty and infringement searches). Explanatory information, comments and interpretations of the search results may be provided with the search reports.
Provision of intellectual property documentation The PATLIB centre provides copies of IP documents (paper and electronic documents)
Helpdesk services The PATLIB centre provides information on IP procedures, different kinds of IP rights, the requirements for filing an IP application, fees, search possibilities, etc. Legal advice is not included in this service.

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