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If you are a user of the Y02/Y04S classification scheme for climate change mitigation technologies, we invite you to participate in a short survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time and your answers will help us to improve the scheme further.
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EPO support for the patent information centres (PATLIB)

The EPO actively supports the PATLIB network as part of its co-operation roadmap, which governs co-operation activities with the national patent offices in the member states.

Support for PATLIB centres aims at extending the range and quality of services offered to the users of the patent system by

  • Improving PATLIB staff's qualifications, competences and skill sets;
  • Enhancing the visibility of the centres in the public

Via the national offices, the EPO:

  • helps PATLIB centre staff to participate in training sessions offered by the EPO
  • supports PATLIB's efforts to raise the awareness of the European patent system
  • provides patent information products to PATLIBs, such as Global Patent Index, general periodicals and publications
  • co-ordinates networking contacts between centres in the member states to foster an exchange of experienced and best practices

The PATLIB directory

The PATLIB directory provides members of the public with the contact details and information on the service portfolio of each individual PATLIB centre.

The PATLIB conference

The PATLIB conference is an annual event which was established to provide unique training opportunities and a forum for the staff of regional patent information centres to communicate with one another and to work together on issues of common interest. 

The conference follows an "alternating" concept:
in even-numbered years (2012, 2014, etc), the conference is a networking event, focussing on projects run in various PATLIB centres, and it takes place in a different member state each time, always in co-operation with the national patent office of the host country. In odd-numbered years (2011, 2013, etc), the conferences is a training event being held at one of the EPO sites.

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