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European patent bulletin 

The production of the European patent bulletin on DVD for MIMOSA users will be discontinued at the end of 2015.

European patent bulletin offers a rich and comprehensive access to bibliographic and procedural data for all European patent applications and granted patents since the EPO was founded. Patent attorneys, patent information professionals and others can use European patent bulletin for a variety of activities. European patent bulletin offers a full and comprehensive access to all there is to know about European patent applications from publication to the end of the procedure.

Business use

This product is suitable for checking and keeping track of the legal and procedural status of European applications or granted patents.

European patent bulletin , together with the European Patent Registerraw data i.e EBD  are regarded by many professionals as complementary databases and services. The European patent bulletin is also available for download in PDF form.

Direct access

European patent bulletin interface is available in English, French and German.

You can register for a 30 days free trial to European patent bulletin. Please fill out the registration form. You will receive your username and password per email.

Coverage of the overall series

This online database cumulates all EP applications and granted patents published since 1978. It is updated every Wednesday at 14.00 CET.

Special features

European patent bulletin has more than 70 search fields which can be combined together to refine searches.


A yearly subscription costs EUR 320 per user.


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