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Content description

This database contains bibliographic information from patent documents published by the national offices of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hellenic Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

ESPACE ACCESS EPC can therefore be regarded as an index for these national full documents.

Whilst ESPACE ACCESS EPC is an index for national patent documents, ESPACE ACCESS and ESPACE ACCESS-EPB should also be used for searching respectively EP applications, and EP granted patents.

ESPACE ACCESS EPC is produced using the GTIv.3 format, and must therefore be consulted using the MIMOSA retrieval software.

Recommended use

This collection is designed as an index to the national patent documents published on the national full document ESPACE series of the countries included. The national series include: ESPACE-BNL, ESPACE-CH, ESPACE-PT and ESPACE-UK.

The data is not downloadable. 

Type of documents

See full document of the related national series.

Languages available

Searchable titles in the language of the original patent document. English language abstracts for some documents.

Searchable fields

Following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:

Criteria    Description
AB           Abstract
AD          Application date
AN          Application number
AP          A Publication date
DP          Publication date
TI           Titles (All languages)
IC           All classification
ICA         Classifications advanced level
ICAA       Classifications advanced level - Additional information
ICAI        Classifications advanced level - Invention information
ICC         Classification core level
ICCA      Classification core level - Additional information
ICCI        Classification core level - Invention information
IN           Inventor
KI          Document kind
MC         Main Classification
NC         UK National Class
NP         Priority number
PA         Applicant
PD         Priority date
PN         Publication number
PO         Publishing Offices
PRESENCE  Available data
WO        PCT Publication number
BN         Bulletin number
RP         Representative

Special features

The data is not downloadable.

Sample record

( PN ) Publication number ( Click to look for this document on esp@cenet ):
RO 118007 B 20021230
( AN ) Application number:
RO 9601044 19960522
( PR ) Priority number:
RO 9601044 19960522
( MC ) Main classification:
B 24B 39/02
( ENT ) Entlish title:
( PA ) Applicant:
( IN ) Inventor:
( AB ) Abstract:
The invention relates to a vibration rolling device for external cylindrical
surfaces meant for working the external cylindrical surfaces. Acoording to the
invention, the device comprises a guide plate (1) whereon a slide (2) glides,
the displacement of said slide causing a spring (3) to contract in order to
achieve the pressing force, said spring (3) being located between the fron
portion of a guide plate (1) and a side plate (4) making one piece with the
slide (2), whereon a system for generating an oscillatory motion is located,
said system comprising an electrical motor (9) transmitting the motion to a
shaft (12), whereon two eccentric sleeves (13 and 14) are mounted, the
eccentrical rotary motion being taken over by a bearing (15) forcing a
housing (17) to oscillate on a guide (18), and together therewith the working
element (5) performs an oscillatory motion along the member to be worked.       

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