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Content description

ESPACE ACCESS contains all bibliographic information on European patent applications and PCT pamphlets, including searchable abstracts in English and also in French (only for PCT), as well as cross references giving the address where the complete document can be retrieved on the corresponding ESPACE FIRST collection (first pages of the documents) and full text on ESPACE EP-A and ESPACE WORLD (full documents). 

Recommended use

ESPACE ACCESS is specially designed for a quick off-line state-of-the-art searches on all EP and PCT applications. As an indexing tool, ESPACE ACCESS is a must for ESPACE EP-A, ESPACE FIRST and ESPACE WORLD users.

Type of documents

EP-A1, A2, A3, A8 A9 bibliographic records of European patent applications WO-A1, A2 and corrected PCT pamphlets.

Languages available

Searchable titles in French, English and German for EP and French and English for WO. Searchable abstracts in English for EP and English and French for WO.

Coverage of the overall series

From the first European application in 1978 to 2009 for EP.
From the first PCT application published in 1978 to 2009 for WO.

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:

Note: IPC Core level information is generated during the ESPACE Access production using the corresponding table published by the WIPO.

AB      English abstract
AD      Application Date
AF      French Abstract
AN      Application number
DC     Correction date (last)
DP      Publication date (First)
DPA    Publication date (All)
DS      Designated states
EP      EP Publication number
ET      English title
FT      French title
GT     German title
IC      All classification (IPC version 1-7)
ICA    Classification advanced level
ICAA  Classification Advanced level- Additional information
ICAI   Classification Advanced level- Invention information
ICC    Classification core level
ICCA  Class. core level - Additional information
ICCI   Class. core level - Invention information
INV    Inventor
IPC    All Classifications (IPC Versions 1-8)
KI      Document kind
MC     Main classification
NO     WO-EuroPCT number
PA     Applicant
PD     Priority date
PR     Priority number
PRESENCE     Available data
WO    WO Publication number

Special features

The data is fully downloadable.
Using the latest MIMOSA retrieval software , the information can be selectively downloaded or printed by selecting specific fields.
Hyperlinks are included enabling you to access the complete documents on Espacenet, the IPC on the WIPO web site or from a full page ESPACE Collection e.g. ESPACE EP-A via Mimobatch.

Note: The search terms are highlighted and a proximity search is possible. The "in context" search (according to sentences or paragraph) is not possible.

Sample data

View an EP Record (PDF)
View a PCT Record (PDF)

In notice view (ASCII Text format):

( PN ) Publication number (Click to look for this document on Espacenet):
EP 1673996 A1 20060628
( AN ) Application number:
EP 05027500 20051215
( PR ) Priority number:
JP 2004372336 20041222
( DS ) Designated states:
( ICAI ) Class.advanced level - Invention information:
A45D 26/00  (2006.01)
( ET ) English title:
Epilating apparatus
( FT ) French title:
Appareil épilatoire
( GT ) German title:
( PA ) Applicant:
Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd
( INV ) Inventor:
Hashiguchi, Tetsuro
Sueyoshi, Hidekazu
( IDR ) Index disc reference:
ESPAVE 2006/026
FIRST 2006/001
( AB ) English Abstract:
An epilating apparatus has a cylindrical rotating cylinder (8), a plate (94) and
driving portions (15,16,41,47,66). The cylindrical rotating cylinder (8) has a
plurality of claw portions (5) for epilation. The plate (94) has a plurality of
openings(94a), in which the plurality of claw portions (5) are exposed, and
covers the outside surface of the rotating cylinder (8). The driving portions
(15,16,41,47,66) open-close drive the plurality of claw portions (5) while
rotationally drive the rotating cylinder (8) so that hairs held by the claw
portions (5) are pulled out. The claw tip shape of each claw portion (5) is
formed in the shape of a circular arc having a center at the rotational center
vicinity of the rotating cylinder (8).

Patent statistics using ACCESS

You can use ESPACE ACCESS to generate statistical data concerning patents. The attached document describes how to export data from ESPACE ACCESS to Microsoft Office applications for statistical analysis. The document (PDF, 1409kB) is available in three langauages : DE / EN / FR

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