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Tips and tricks 15 - February 2014
EPAB: Weekly monitoring of documents
GPI: Availability of patent and NPL citation data

Tips and tricks 14 - November 2013
GPI: Legal status search criteria available in GPI
PATSTAT: Sources of information useful to users of PATSTAT

Tips and tricks 13 - September 2013
Eurpean Patent Bulletin: Classification criteria  
EPAB: Classification criteria
GPI: Classification criteria
PASTAT: Classification criteria

Tips and tricks 12 - July 2013
EPAB: Retrieving divisional and parent EP applications
GPI: How to search CPC classes in GPI? 

Tips and tricks 11 - June 2013
EPAB: Retrieving documents based on category of cited documents
GPI: Retrieving documents based on category of cited documents
PASTAT: New CPC table replaces former ECLA table 

Tips and tricks 10 - May 2013
EPAB: Presence of sequence listings in the European patent application
PATSTAT: Enhancement of download features

Tips and tricks 9 - April 2013
EPAB: Lack of unity of invention.
PATSTAT: How to identify EP-patents which are in the national phase?

Tips and tricks 8 -  March 2013
BULL: Creation of basic statistics
GPI: Patent Translate

Tips and tricks 7 - February 2013
BULL: Supplementary European Search Report
EPAB: New search criteria under "Citation, search report"
PATSTAT: Self study course on SQL and PATSTAT online

Tips and tricks 6 - January 2013
BULL: Conversion into a national patent application
PASTAT: Harmonized Names

Tips and tricks 5 - November 2012
BULL: Early publications of EP applications
PASTAT: Use the full power of SQL

Tips and tricks 4 - October 2012
PISE: New version to be released
EPAB: Announcement of new features
BULL: Revocation of the European Patent
PASTAT: Links from PATSTAT online to Espacenet

Tips and tricks 3 - September 2012
BULL: Change in designation of Contracting States as of 01.04.2009
GPI: Searching with wildcards
PATSTAT: Enhanced data on PATSTAT online

Tips and tricks 2 - July 2012
BULL: Missing inventor's data
GPI: Use of truncation in queries

Tips and tricks 1 - June 2012
EPAB: Searching for publication of application (A1, A2) in EPAB
BULL: Searching for A1 or A2 publications in EP Bulletin
GPI: Creation of queries based on keywords
PATSTAT: From raw data to business insight

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