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The EPO's advanced online patent search tool


GPI user manual V2.1 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

GPI introductory guide (PDF, 468 KB)

You can use Global patent index (GPI) to carry out low-cost, expert searches on the state of the art and legal issues (novelty, freedom to operate, etc).

You can also use it to gather competitive intelligence, for example by performing competitor/technology watches and basic statistical analyses.

The Global patent index interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Special features

  • Perform your searches in a secured encrypted https environment
  • Make use of over 100 search criteria covering indexed bibliographic data, citations, classifications, legal status and more
  • Display the legal status, patent family (simple and extended) and representative image
  • Access the full original patent documents, mosaics and CPC codes via hyperlinks to Espacenet
  • Machine-translate the titles and abstracts of the retrieved documents to and from English and many other languages using the Patent Translate feature
  • Save your search queries for later use (e.g. for patent watches)
  • Customise your result lists and document content in different display and reporting formats
  • Carry out basic statistical analyses

Coverage and updates

Global patent index is based on the EPO's DocDB bibliographic worldwide patent database collection and INPADOC worldwide legal status database. It is updated weekly, on Fridays at 12.00 hrs CET.

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