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MIMOSA retrieval software


For users of Windows 7 and 8:
For users of pre-Windows 7 versions:

MIMOSA retrieval software is a MicrosoftTM WindowsTM-based software developed for the Trilateral Offices (the EPO, the Japan Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office).

MIMOSA has a user-friendly interface in ten different languages, and can be learned quickly. You can customise various parameters for display, printing and downloading to suit your own needs.

The software package includes three separate applications:

    This main component of the software offers a range of functions for consulting databases (10 interfaces in different languages; three search masks), and for building, submitting and saving queries. Results (documents, notices, hitlists) can then be displayed, printed or downloaded according to the configuration chosen by the user.
  • MIMOBatch lets you search multiple databases simultaneously.
  • MIMOViewer supports SGML, XML, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and BACON Images (ST33) formats.

MIMOSA retrieval software provides a common user interface for all the products of the ESPACE family and includes export facilities for text and image data in standard formats (ASCII, TIFF, PDF, SGML, XML, RTF, TXT). Detailed help in English, French and German is integrated into the software.

Administrator rights are not required to install MIMOSA software. A run-time version is also available, which enables travelling users to work on any workstation.

ESPACE databases used with MIMOSA are produced exclusively on CD-ROMs and DVDs. Online access is no longer supported by MIMOSA.

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