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Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Content description

This database contains bibliographic data and images of French patent applications. The bibliographic data is fully searchable and the images of the full documents can be displayed and printed.

Recommended use

ESPACE FR-A is especially designed to provide ready access to complete documents at a low cost, using a minimum of storage space, and with regular updates.

Type of documents

A1 : Application for patent of invention
A3 : Application for certificate of utility

For further details, see WIPO standard ST. 16 (Annex. 2)

Languages available

Searchable titles and abstracts in French. 

Coverage of the overall series

From January 1992 to date.

Update frequency

Quarterly (four discs a year)

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:

AB = Abstract
AD = Application date
AN = Application number
DP = Publication date
FT = French title
ICA = Classification advanced level
ICAA = Classification advanced level – Additional information
ICAI = Classification advanced level – Invention information
IN_EXP = Inventor Expression
IN_MOT = Inventor Word
KI = Document kind
NP = Priority number
PA_EXP = Applicant Expression
PA_MOT = Applicant Word
PD = Priority date
PN = Publication number
PRESENCE = Presence of data

Special features

The data and images are fully downloadable, bibliographic data in SGML format, images in TIFF or BACON format. Using MIMOSA retrieval software, the first pages can be downloaded or printed.

Publication numbers are linked to Espacenet and IPC codes are linked to the WIPO website.

Sample record

1 – Notice view

( PN ) Publication number (click to look for this document on Espacenet):
FR 2876863 A1 20060421
( AN ) Application number:
FR 0452369 20041019
( ICAI ) Class. advanced level - Invention information:
H 05K 003-06
C 03 017-23
B 05C 005-02
H05K 003/06
C 03C 017/23
B 05C 005/02

( PA ) Applicant:
( IN ) Inventor:
( FT ) French title:

( AB ) Abstract:
Dispositif pour graver chimiquement une couche à propriétés de conduction électrique (2) sur un substrat transparent (1), comportant des moyens de support (4) du substrat (1) et des moyens de projection (5) d'une solution, caractérisé en ce que les moyens de projection (5) consistent en une multiplicité de buses (50) qui sont agencées au-dessus du substrat et qui sont destinées à projeter simultanément sur la couche à graver au moins deux solutions (7, 8), soit de manière indépendante l'une de l'autre, soit selon un mélange effectué au niveau des buses.

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