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Content description

This CD-ROM database contains bibliographic data, and images of Finnish patent documents. The bibliographic data is fully searchable - see below - whilst the images of the full documents can be displayed, and printed

Recommended use

The ESPACE-FI CD-ROM is specially designed to afford ready access to full documents at a low cost, using a minimum of storage space, and with regular updates.

Type of documents

ESPACE FI contains Finnish patents granted under both the new law ("B" documents, with a nine-month opposition period) and the old law ("C" documents, with a three-month opposition period).
Patents granted under the new law carry a publication number of 100 001 or higher, whilst those granted under the old law have a number below 99 999.

Languages available

The titles are searchable in Finnish and Swedish.
Coverage of the overall series
Jan 1976 to present

Update frequency

The updates are produced on a quarterly basis.

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:

AD: Filing date
AN: Application number
AP: A publication date
DP: Publication date
FT: Finnish title
IC: Supplementary international classifications
IN: Inventor
KI: Kind
MC: Main classification
NP: Priority number
PA: Applicant
PD: Priority date
PN: Publication number
PRESENCE: Available Data
ST: Swedish title
WO: PCT publication number

Special features

This series is produced using the MIMOSA CD-ROM authoring software, and can be consulted using the MIMOSA CD-ROM retrieval software under MS-WINDOWS.

Sample record

( PN ) Publication number:
FI 00100638 B 19980130
( AP ) A Publication date:
( AN ) Application number:
FI 912394 19910517
( PR ) Priority number:
BE 8801324 19881123
( WO ) PCT Publication number:
( MC ) Main classification:
A 61F 06/14
( IC ) Supplementary I.C.:
A 61F 06/14
( PA ) Applicant:
Wildemeersch Dirk
( IN ) Inventor:
Wildemeersch Dirk
( FT ) Finnish title:
Parannettu kohdunsisäinen laite
( ST ) Swedish title:
Förbättrad intrauterin anordning

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