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Patent Abstracts of Japan

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Content description

PAJ CD-ROMs contain English-language abstracts of unexamined Japanese patent applications (=A-publications). Documents are presented as bibliographic text, including title and abstract, and, where available, the image of a representative drawing.

The data is published in the form of a "frontfile" (1994 on) and a backfile (1976 - 1993).

Frontfile data can be ordered for each calendar year as a subscription. Each year, twelve CD-ROMs are published (one per month), on each of which the data for some 30 000 unexamined Japanese patent publications are included. Documents are stored in numerical order. The time delay between publication date and the issue of the PAJ CD-ROM is approximately three to four months.

The backfile data corresponds to a re-publication of the English abstracts published in printed form between 1976 and 1993. In the complete backfile there is a total of 99 CD-ROMs containing about 3.3 million documents, sorted according to the IPC. This data can be purchased in complete IPC sections or in any of 69 technical fields (reference list available on the order form).

Recommended use

This CD-ROM product is ideal for conducting a quick, off-line, state-of-the-art search among the first pages of unexamined Japanese patent applications.

Please note that for the backfile there are gaps in coverage (certain IPC classes were not covered nor were non-japanese priority documents) from 1976 to 1989

Type of documents

PAJ contains bibliographic records including abstracts and drawings (where available) of unexamined Japanese patent applications of Japanese origin. Since the beginning of 1998, patent publications with non-Japanese priority have also been covered on the PAJ CD-ROM.

Languages available

All the searchable data is in English.

Coverage of the overall series

English abstracts of unexamined Japanese patent applications from 1976 to date. The series is published by the Japanese Patent Office and can be ordered via the European Patent Office in Vienna.

Backfile: 1976 to 1993
Frontfile: 1994 onwards

Update frequency

The complete backfile collection (99 discs) has been published and is available in its entirety.

A separate backfile series called "Foreign Applicants" covers patent publications with non-Japanese priority from 1989 to the end of 1997. Classified according to IPC sections, these 6 discs can be purchased separately to complement the PAJ backfile collection.

The frontfile (from 1994 onwards) is produced on a monthly basis with a time delay of approximately three to four months.

Searchable fields

Following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:

AB Abstract
AD Application date
AN Application number
ET English title
IA Additional classification index
ICL IPC, linked indexing code
ICU IPC, unlinked indexing code
IN Inventor
IS Supplementary international classification
KD Document kind
PA Applicants
PC Publishing country
PD Publication date
PN Publication number
PR Presence of data
PRESENCE Presence of data
PY Priority date

Special features

The data is now fully downloadable. Using MIMOSA retrieval software, the information can be downloaded or printed by selecting specific fields.

Sample record

  (11) Publication number:
10033724 A
  (43) Date of publication of application:
(51) Int, Cl A63B 53/04
G10K 15/04
// G10K 1/00
(21) Application number: 08199163 (71) Applicant: YOKOHAMA RUBBER CO LTD :THE
(22) Date of filing: 29.07.96 (72) Inventor: NISHIZAWA HIROSHI
(57) Abstract:  
(57) Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a golf club head which can improve hitting sound and feeling when a player hits a ball, whose center of gravity can be deepened and lowered, and whose moment of inertia around it can be increased.


SOLUTION: Inside a hollow part 4 as a resonance box of this club head main body 1, Y-shaped resonators 5 and resonators 5a all of which are made of a metallic material such as a steel rod are installed. The resonators 5 can be attached at the toe side 3a and the heel side 3b inside the sole plate 3, or a plural number of resonators can be erected integrally on the rear surface of the sole plate 3. If the metallic resonators 5 are fixed on the sole plate 3 by welding or integrally fixed when the sole plate 3 is founded, and the material whose specific gravity is higher than that of the material of the club head main body is used for the metallic resonators, the depth of the center of gravity of the club head main body 1 and the moment of inertia around the club head can be increased, and the position of the center of gravity can be lowered.




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