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This CD-ROM database contains bibliographic data, and images of British patent documents. The bibliographic data is fully searchable - see below - whilst the images of the full documents can be displayed, and printed.

Recommended use

The ESPACE-UK CD-ROM is specially designed to afford ready access to full documents at a low cost, using a minimum of storage space, and with regular updates.
Type of documents
A: patent application

For further details, see WIPO standard ST. 16 (Annex. 2)

Languages available

Searchable titles in English.

Coverage of the overall series

From January 1976 to date.

Update frequency

Disc full. 14 discs per year.

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:
AD     Application date
AN     Application number
DP     Publication date
ET     English title
IC     All classification
IN     Inventor
MC     Main classification
NC     National class
NP     Priority number
PA     Applicant
PD     Priority date
PN     Publication number

Special features

This series can be used with either the MIMOSA (WINDOWS), or the PATSOFT (DOS) retrieval software.

Sample record

PN: GB 2295959 A 960619
AN: 95254793 951213
PR: GB 9425416 941216
IC: B08B- 03/08
NC: A4F 30X
ET: Improved apparatus for supporting articles in liquid treatment tanks
PA: Rotary Stripping Systems
IN: Gammage, Peter William

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