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Product 14.11


Legal status data relates to information on the events during the lifetime of a patent application.

The product contains legal status records from over 40 international patent authorities.

The records originate from the patent gazettes or registers of various national patent authorities, including the EPO and WIPO. The EP data is generated both during the EPO patent granting procedure and in the post-grant phase.

The weekly exchange file contains only the most recently loaded events and does not include file history. The consolidated backfile contains all the legal status events in the database in ascending sequence of country code / publication number and split into files country-by-country.

For more details see the "Description of extended legal event data" in the manuals section.


Please see our weekly statistics under "Contents and coverage of the INPADOC legal status file".


SGML Format


Frontfile: approx. 10 MB
Backfile: approx. 3 GB


Current year (frontfile data) can be downloaded weekly.
Backfile data is available on a set of DVDs and/or via download.


For price information please refer to the patent information price list under product 14.11 (see "Download" box in top right corner).

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