Fulltext extractions in ST36/XML - CH collection

Product 14.19


"Fulltext in ST36/XML" is based on extractions from the FTM - the EPO's master database
for full-text. The data is in XML that is fully compliant with WIPO/ST36.

Products can contain embedded images in TIFF referenced in the XML document.

The frontfile data will invariably be represented in the richness that the XML schema definition is offering. The older documents in the backfile may be represented in an XML format limited by the constraints of the proprietary EBCDIC format.


CH frontfile bimonthly deliveries are available as of week 04/2013.

Backfile data will be available as of summer. Each national collection will have different coverage and size. For more information please contact patentdata@epo.org.


XML (ST36)
embedded images in TIFF (if available)


Frontfile: up to 5 MBytes (zipped)


Frontfile data can only be downloaded from the download area.

Backfile data will be made available on an HDD.


For price information please refer to the patent information price list under product 14.19 (see "Download" box in top right corner).

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