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Registre européen des brevets (EBD)

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Product 14.1


EBD stands for EPO Bibliographic Data.

The backfile is a snapshot of the European Patent Register at a given time.

The frontfiles (EBD files) consist of EPO patent data marked up using XML tags. The data gives details of all newly published applications and patents and recent changes to previously published patents. For example, the data includes details of date of filing, titles, applicant data, classification, priority data, etc. Exactly the same data is used to print the EP Bulletin. These XML ST36 files do not give the whole history and status of an EPO application or patent.

These are 'raw', unformatted but highly structured data files. Note also that the system processing the file must be set to read the UTF-8 character set. The .txt formats are used to transport the data in an easy and efficient way.

The data required for the publication of the EP Bulletin and EP A (patent applications) and EP B (granted patents) publications is extracted once a week from EPASYS (the EPO's administrative database). One frontfile contains all the previous week's additions or changes that have occurred in EPASYS. The files are not a cumulative record of all the changes. There is a clear distinction between A and B publications since these are separate documents for publication purposes. Therefore, the B file is not an update of the A file but a separate file. Much of the data may be the same in both files.

Publication takes place on Wednesday at 14.00 (CET).

For more details see the "EBD specifications version 3.24.1" in the manuals section.


1978 to date




Frontfile: approx. 20 MBytes
Backfile: approx. 5.2 GBytes


Current data can be downloaded free of charge weekly.
Backfile data is delivered on a harddisk or can be downloaded on request.


For backfile price information please refer to the patent information price list under product 14.1 (see "Download" box in top right corner).

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