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EPO worldwide legal status database for PATSTAT

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Product 14.24.1


This table - also known as TLS221_INPADOC_PRS table - contains information on legal events that occurred during the life of a patent, either before or after grant. Typical events are: request for examination, payment of renewal fees, lapse of the patent, change of ownership, withdrawal of the application, patents entering the national phase, patents which have been opposed or revoked, etc.

The records in this table originate from the patent gazettes or registers of various national patent authorities, including the EPO and WIPO. The EP data is generated both during the EPO patent granting procedure and in the post-grant phase. Currently over 50 offices provide the EPO with legal status data and therefore the variety of legal status events is very large. Potential clients need to check whether the country coverage and event coverage meet their needs.

An updated version is made available twice a year (April and October). Data can also be provided on a one-off basis.

For detailed information please consult the documentation for product 14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC).


See product 14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC).



The data structure is similar to product 14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC).

A small number of redundant fields such as application authority, application number and filing date have been removed because this data is available in the linked TLS201_APPLN table.

The main difference vis-à-vis product 14.11 is that this table can be integrated into the PATSTAT database without any need for data processing. Legal status events simply link to the relevant applications in the TLS201_APPLN table via the fixed APPLN_ID.

Future releases of PATSTAT will stay compatible with older versions of the TLS221_INPADOC_PRS table.

PATSTAT users who need more frequent legal status events updates should consult product 14.11 instead.



For price information please refer to "EPO products and services - price list" under product 14.24.1 (see download box in top right-hand corner).

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