14.8 CPC in XML (ex ECLA in XML)

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Product 14.8

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) in XML


The CPC is a joint EPO-USPTO project aimed at developing a common classification scheme for technical documents, in particular patent publications, which will be used by both offices in the patent granting process. Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) scheme and some finalised CPC definitions were officially launched on 1 January 2013.

The CPC scheme is initially based on the European Classification (ECLA), keeping all its properties.

In addition to the former ECLA groups, the CPC scheme also includes:

  • all former EPO ICO (indexing) codes,
  • the vast majority of former EPO “keywords(KW)”, which were converted to valid ECLA/ICO symbols before becoming CPC symbols,
  • some more entries originating from the US patent classification, e.g. further subdivisions for “Business Methods”,
  • USPC cross-reference art collections [XRACs] and digests.

For more information on CPC please see:


New product 14.8 CPC in XML is replacing discontinued 14.8 ECLA in XML product.
14.8 CPC in XML raw data monthly updates packages include:

a) Complete CPC scheme (in XML and PDF, per section: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Y)
b) CPC Definitions in XML and PDF
c) ECLA to CPC concordance table in XML and PDF
d) CPC in FI and FI in CPC concordance tables
e) IPC to CPC concordance table in XML
f) Schema XSD


The latest version includes the current status used at the EPO.




Approx. 50 MBytes


Download only.
Subscribers are notified when the data is made available.


For price information please refer to the patent information price list under product 14.8 (see "Download" box in top right corner).

For last version of ECLA in PDF, November 2012, contact patentdata@epo.org  

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