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Welcome to the Services Programme of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office


The Danish Patent and Trademark Office offers a full range of professional patent searches, including state of the art, patentability, validity, freedom to operate, and infringement clearance. It also conducts patent intelligence analysis and patent-family searches. All searches are tailored to customers' needs.

Personal contact (by e-mail or telephone) between our search specialist and the client, before and during the search, ensures a high-quality result.

We normally deliver the report within 10 working days of receiving the client's go-ahead to conduct the search.

Typical costs

We provide individual quotations for all searches within 24 hours of receiving the client's request.
Alternatively, customers are welcome to request searches within a set budget.

Technical areas

All technical areas can be searched.


Request are received in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish,English, French or German
Reporting in English or Danish.



Contact details

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office

Helgeshoej Alle 81

DK-2630 Taastrup

Tel. +45 4350 8000
Fax. +45 4350 8001

e-mail: pvs@dkpto.dk

Main features

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office uses more than 100 highly skilled, trained and experienced patent examiners to perform searches for our clients. We also have ISO 9001:2000 certification of our patent-search quality standards.

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