Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Welcome to the Services Programme of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office


Our Office offers a continuously widening product range, from which currently we offer the following five patent services:

Novelty Search

Novelty Search with Preliminary Patentability Report

Preliminary Patentability Report

Validity Search

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search

Typical costs

Our novelty searches have standard prices: EUR 600 or (with preliminary patentability report) EUR 780, plus VAT. Fees for the other three search services are calculated individually.
For more information, see our Price List.

Technical areas

All technical areas can be searched.


Requests accepted in English, French, German or Hungarian.
Reports delivered in English, French, German or Hungarian.


Patent search services:

Other services:
Simplified trademark filtering

Trademark monitoring

Contact details

Phone: (+361) 474 5871
Fax: (+361) 474 5850

Postal adress:
Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
H-1370 Budapest 5,
PO BOX 552
"patentability search"

Main features

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office has over 110 years' experience of granting patents following search and substantive examination. In addition to our official grant procedure, we also offer an increasing range of business services, including several hundred searches each year for domestic and foreign clients in both traditional and high-tech fields.

We normally supply search reports within 4 weeks of receiving the request, but are ready to agree significantly faster delivery in urgent cases.

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