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Welcome to the Services Programme of the Portuguese Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial


Standard searches (RS) and special searches (TS)

Typical costs

EUR 100 per RS, EUR 250 per TS (not including costs of searched databases)

Technical areas

RS - all technical areas TS - the following IPC technical areas:

  • A01B, A01C, A01D, A01F, A01H, A01N, A61K, A61P, A61F and A61G.
  • B01D, B01J, B01F, B23 and B29C 45/00.
  • C01, C02, C05, C07, C08, C11, C12, C21, C23C.
  • H04M, H05B 7/20, H05B 6/02 and H01J.
  • G02B, G21B 1/23 and G21 G.


Requests accepted in English, French or Portuguese.
Reports delivered in English or Portuguese.


http://www.inpi.pt (or please contact atm@inpi.pt for forms in English)

Contact details

Maria José Cruz
Human Resources and Public Helpdesk Department, INPI
Campo das Cebolas - 1149-035 Lisboa - Portugal

Tel: +351 21 8818100

e-mail atm@inpi.pt

Main features

Delivery time: generally 10 working days.

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