Production timetable

This table presents an overview of the most up-to-date information available on the respective ESPACE products. For a chronological overview have a look at the table for previous years.

The term "date of publication" refers to the data stored on the respective product and "date of dispatch" to the date of shipment of the individual volume.

Volume Date of publication Date of dispatch

Weekly updates

ESPACE EP (EP-A and EP-B) 2015/013 25.3.2015

Monthly updates

PAJ Frontfile 2014 (November)
  Please note that the PAJ production will be discontinued in April. A replacement search service will be offered. For more information please contact

Bi-annual updates

ESPACE LEGAL 2014/001 (December)   17.2.2015
  This is the last issue, the production of Espace Legal is now discontinued. You can always search decisions through our internet site Board of Appeal Decision.
17.2.2015ESPACE ES 2010   1.8.2011
ESPACE BNL 2011/002 (July-December)    19.6.2012
  this DVD is the last one, the production of Espace BNL is now stopped.
ESPACE DK 2014/004 (January-December)   27.2.15


ESPACE IT 1995 (01-04)    
ESPACE CH 2008-002 (December)   10.2.2009
ESPACE GR 1988-1994    
GlobalPat 2003 (December)   21.4.2004

European ESPACE national series sold by third parties

ESPACE UK 2015/004
ESPACE AT 2015/001 (January)
ESPACE SI 2014/001 (January-December)
ESPACE FI 2014/004 (October-December)
ESPACE PT 2001/001 (Jan.-Dec.)   9.8.2005
ESPACE FR-A 2010/003 (July-September)   23.9.2010
ESPACE FR-B 2010/001 (Jan.-Mar.)   25.3.2010

Archive discs 

ACCESS-A (DVD) 2010/001 (archive 1978-2009)    
ACCESS-B (DVD) 2011/001 (archive 1978-2010)    
ACCESS EUROPE 1999/001 (December)    
BULLETIN (DVD) 2010/001 (archive 1978-2009)
ESPACE CH 2001/001 (Jan/Jun)    

Volumes range for 2012

ESPACE EP (EP-A and EP-B) 001-052    

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