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    Beware of approaches and requests for payment from firms purporting to register European patents

Consultation with users via Ipsos MORI

The EPO's mission is to offer the European economy the best service possible, which means providing top quality and value for money. To meet this challenge and to maintain its leading role in the IP world, the EPO is striving to offer services that take greater account of users' working practices and needs.

For this reason it has launched a consultation process that will help it gain a better understanding of how the system is currently used and how it should be adapted in future. The research company Ipsos MORI is supporting the EPO in these efforts by conducting broad market research. This co‑operation started in mid-2012 and will continue over the next few years. 

Users who take part in this process and provide feedback during group discussions are guaranteed anonymity. Their input helps us greatly and feeds into the development of various projects for the European patent system.

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