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Warnung vor irreführenden Anpreisungen und Zahlungsaufforderungen von Firmen, die angeblich europäische Patente registrieren


EPA-Dienstorte vom 24.12.2014 bis 4.1.2015 geschlossen

Alle Dienstorte sind über die Weihnachtsfeiertage, vom 24. Dezember 2014 bis einschließlich 4. Januar 2015, geschlossen.



Online Services

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The EPO Online Services (formerly epoline ) have been designed to allow patent applicants, attorneys and other users to conduct their business with the EPO electronically in a state-of-the-art secure environment.

The EPO carries out this survey in order to

  • find out who our users are and how they work
  • monitor user satisfaction with individual services and identify areas for improvement
  • identify future needs and potential new developments


Both qualitative and quantitative research are undertaken to ensure that the development of the EPO Online Services is well adapted to the needs of the users of the European Patent Office services.

Qualitative research is used to establish trends as well as to do in-depth analysis in very specific areas. This takes the form of group discussions and in-depth interviews respectively.

Subsequently these findings are validated in quantitative research, usually telephone interviews with a standard questionnaire. The chosen sample is a statistically valid representation of the defined market, which could be, for example, European patent attorneys.

In addition quantitative dipstick research is conducted to measure image and product or service satisfaction over time. This is conducted once a year.

The next step is innovation research - where to take online services next to complete the offer. A new tender to cover this research is currently being prepared, watch this space for more information!


Quantitative: once a year
Qualitative: variable

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