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General information

Registration (Rule 28 IPREE)


General information

I have recently changed my address/name/nationality/employment situation. Do I need to inform the secretariat?

Yes, in all cases you must immediately inform the Examination Secretariat in writing preferably by email to indicating your EQEReg number.

In case of change of name or nationality a certified copy of any supporting document (e.g. marriage certificate or passport) is necessary.

Can the required supporting evidence be certified by a professional representative, and if so, what form should the certification take?

In accordance with Rule 1(3) IPREE it is possible to have supporting evidence certified by a professional representative (Art. 134 EPC). This is usually the quickest and easiest way to have documents certified. The certification should be written on a copy of the document and must include:

- a statement that the certified copy corresponds with the original
- the date and place of certification
- the signature of the professional representative and his/her name in block capitals.

How can I pay EQE-related fees?

Fees relating to the EQE may only be paid by credit card or bank transfer. It is not possible to pay the fees by debiting an EPO deposit account.

Candidates are strongly recommended to use a credit card as their method of payment as this will ensure swift payment. Payments by bank transfer are considered to have been made on the date on which the amount of the transfer is actually entered in the bank account held by the EPO (see Article 7 of the Rules relating to Fees).

Candidates are reminded that a bank transfer may take time and it is therefore not recommended as a payment method shortly before the relevant deadline. Late receipt of payment will lead to the application being rejected.

Can I receive an invoice for the fees paid in relation to the EQE?

No, the Examination Secretariat only issues a confirmation of payment. This can only be issued to the candidate and not to any third parties.

What is the latest date that I can withdraw from the EQE and still claim a refund?

Any examination fees paid will be refunded if you inform the Examination Secretariat of your withdrawal no later than 07 October 2016. Fees for registration and enrolment, however, are non-refundable.

If I withdraw after the deadline, can I get a refund if I file a medical certificate?

No, a reimbursement after this date is not possible under any circumstance.

Am I allowed to take my mobile phone into the examination room if it remains switched off in my suitcase or bag?

No, it is strictly prohibited to take electronic devices of any kind, be it mobile phones, cameras, digital watches or clocks into the examination hall (see Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination, Supplementary publication OJ EPO 2/2014 p. 38 and f.). Non-compliance may lead to disqualification from the examination.

Do I have to be a national of one of the contracting states to enrol for the EQE?

No, you do not have to be a citizen of one of the contracting states to enrol for the EQE. However, in order to be included in the list of professional representatives, you must meet the conditions of Article 134 EPC.

Where can I get a copy of the compendium of past EQE papers?

You can download past papers as PDF documents from the website.

How long are my old results valid and is the modular system still relevant?

There is no limitation in time for valid results. It is not necessary to enrol every year to maintain the validity of these results.

The module system ceased to exist when the new Regulation on the European qualifying examination came into force in 2009. Candidates are free to choose the paper(s) they wish to sit.

When enrolling for the EQE, do I have to upload my diplomas and certificates again?

No, all previously uploaded documents are saved in your personal file.

Registration (Rule 28 IPREE)

Is Rule 28 of the implementing provisions to the Regulation on the EQE (REE) already in force?

Yes, Rule 28 entered into force on 1 April 2016. During a transitional period of at least one year starting from this date, candidates may request any previous period of professional activity as defined in Article 11(2) REE to be taken into account without limitation. The request may be made at any time during the transitional period. Registration is free of charge during the transitional period. For candidates successfully enrolled for the European qualifying examination, no registration is necessary since your periods of professional activity are already known.

How and where can I register for the EQE?

Candidates must register online using the link available on the EQE website under Registration (Rule 28 IPREE). Here you will also find an editable PDF certificate of training available for download.

How do I prove activity according to Article 11(2)(a)ii) REE and to what extent can national patent applications be taken into account?

A list of activities should be uploaded together with your enrolment documents. An example thereof can be found here.

The Secretariat may take activities in proceedings relating to national patent applications and national patents into account. However, the majority of a candidate's activities must pertain to European patents or patent applications.

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