FAQ: Patent teaching kit



Can anyone get a hard copy of the teaching kits?

No. Hard copies of the kits (usually one per person) are only available to academic staff wishing to use it in their lectures.

Can I order more than one hard copy of a teaching kit?

You may order extra copies on behalf of colleagues or for your university library.

May I forward an electronic version of the teaching kits to other people?

Because we ask everybody who downloads the kits to provide details about themselves, so that we can keep them updated and collect valuable statistical data about how they use the material, we recommend that individuals download the teaching kits from the EPO website themselves.

May I use the teaching kits for training outside my university?

Yes, provided it is for non-commercial purposes.

Are the teaching kits suitable for students of different national and educational backgrounds?

Yes, they have been designed to provide a general introduction to IP and can be used for students with different national and educational backgrounds.

What languages are the teaching kits available in?

The kits are currently available in English, French and German. The patent teaching kit has additionally been translated into the following languages:

May I translate one or more of the teaching kits into my language?

Yes, but you must clearly state that your translation has not been authorised by the EPO, and that the EPO is not responsible for its correctness. You must also remove any other references to the EPO, in particular its official logo.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for using the teaching kits?

These can be found on the "Terms of use" page.

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