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General information

What is web-form filing?

A secure EPO web-based service that allows you to submit documents relating to the patent grant process with the EPO.

Who can use web-form filing?

Anyone can use it, so long as they register for the service. To register, you must provide a valid e-mail address.

What document types can I file using web-form filing?

Only documents in PDF format can be filed via the web-form filing service. The PDF should comply with WIPO's Annex F standard for eFiling:

To guarantee compliance, you should ensure that your PDF generator and resulting PDFs meet the following criteria:

  • all fonts are embedded (exception: Base 14 fonts are accepted even if they are not embedded)
  • the page size is A4
  • the PDF is not encrypted
  • it does not contain colour or grey scale images and drawings
  • the PDF is Version 1.1 (or later)
  • the PDF does not contain embedded OLE objects

If you are generating PDFs from paper documents using your scanner you should adjust the settings of your scanner accordingly.

PDF files containing a combination of landscape and portrait formats are accepted.

Which documents can be uploaded with web-form filing?

  • EP 1001 - Request for grant of a European patent
  • Euro-PCT 1200 - Entry into the European phase
  • EP subsequently filed documents with the exception of opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings (Articles 99 to 105c EPC) and appeal proceedings (Articles 106 to 112a EPC).
  • PCT/RO/101 (RO-EPO) - request
  • PCT RO-EPO subsequently filed documents
  • PCT ISA-EPO subsequently filed documents
  • PCT IPEA subsequently filed documents

Which documents are not currently supported by web-form filing?

  • Opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings (Articles 99 to 105c EPC) and appeal proceedings (Articles 106 to 112a EPC)
  • Priority documents and authorisations.

What happens if I submit documents not supported by web-form filing?

Documents not supported by web-form filing are deemed not to have been received.

What are the signature requirements?

You can use a facsimile signature or a text-string signature to sign documents filed via the web-form filing service. For example, /John Smith /.

Please note that simply logging on to the web-form filing service does not fulfil the signature requirements.

Are there any fee reductions available when using web-form filing?

The latest online filing fees applicable are available on the page Fees for international applications

Do I have to send a confirmation copy on paper?



How do I register for web-form filing?

As a new web-form filing user you can register via the “Enrol for a username and password” link on the login screen. Please complete and submit the enrolment form. You will receive your password within a few minutes via a registration notification e-mail.

After enrolment, when will I be able file documents?

You will be able to use web-form filing as soon as you receive the registration notification email.

I have forgotten my user name

You can request an e-mail reminder of the username(s) assigned to an e-mail account by clicking "Forgotten login details?" on the login screen.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can request a new password by clicking "Forgotten login details?" on the login screen. You will receive your new password within a few minutes via e-mail.

Nothing happens when I click Next step on the login screen

Make sure you are using the latest browser version or try using a different browser.

Tip for Internet Explorer 8 users: please note that enabling the Developer Tools option may solve login issues.

I cannot access web-form filing with my login details. What should I do?

Please contact Customer Services.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password details after logging on with your current username and password by clicking "Logged in as".

Can I change my e-mail address?

Yes. To do this you will have to register once again, using the new e-mail address, and define a new username.

My chosen user name is already taken

Unfortunately you cannot register a username that has already been
attributed in Register Alert. You must choose another username.

Date of receipt of documents

What is my date of receipt?

The date of receipt will be the date on which you complete the submission process.

Acknowledgment of receipt

What type(s) of acknowledgement of receipt can I expect?

All successful submissions are acknowledged via e-mail.

A detailed acknowledgment of receipt is available for download on the confirmation screen as soon as the submission process is complete. Upon request this detailed acknowledgment can be attached to the acknowledgement sent via e-mail

How can I receive the acknowledgment of receipt as an e-mail attachment?

In the section "Filing type & documents", select the checkbox "Please send a detailed acknowledgement of receipt to this registered e-mail address".

I forgot to request a copy of my detailed acknowledgement of receipt. What should I do?

Please contact Customer Services.

I forgot to download the detailed acknowledgement of receipt? Can I download it later on?

No. You cannot download the detailed acknowledgement of receipt after the session has ended or a new filing operation has started. Please contact Customer services.

Will I receive my application number immediately?

The application number is normally assigned immediately and indicated on the acknowledgement of receipt.

Exceptionally the allocation process could be delayed. If this is the case then the application number will be communicated later.

My acknowledgement of receipt does not contain an application number. What should I do?

Exceptionally the allocation process could be delayed. If this is the case then the application number will be communicated later.

I did not receive my acknowledgement e-mail. What should I do?

Please check if your e-mail address has changed since registration.

Please contact Customer services.

Where can I find help?

Where can I find the user guide for web-form filing?

View the User guide (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Who do I contact for help?

Please contact Customer Services.

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