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How does the Query Manager work in MIMOSA?

The Query Manager lets you save all your queries in a single file. After performing a search, click the Save/Load button on the search screen to go to the Query Manager. Retrieve the queries from the History and store them in the query file. You can give each query a name and add a comment if you wish. Next time you can load the queries in one go using the Query Manager.

When using MIMOSA how can I ensure that the page number shown on the screen corresponds to the page number on the printout?

To ensure that "what you see is what you get", you need to switch on WYSIWYG display. MIMOSA will then format the pages to reflect how they will be printed. To activate this function, go to Options/Software preferences/Interface and check the box WYSIWYG display.

How can I automate my operations in MIMOSA?

You can use MIMOBatch to run several queries on one or more databases. This is particularly useful if you run the same queries each time you add a new database. You can view, extract or print the resulting documents. MIMOBatch is installed by default when you install MIMOSA and you can launch it from Start/Programs or from within MIMOSA by selecting Menu Tools/MIMOBatch.

How can I customise my MIMOSA hitlist?

You can add notice fields in the Hitlist tab under Options/Product preferences.

Each field is displayed in a separate column in the hitlist window. You can then sort your hits by clicking the heading of the appropriate column.

To tidy up this window, activate either or both of the options in the Hit-list options section of the Interface tab under Options/Software preferences:

  • Display multi references in multi-lines
  • Display separation lines

How can I sort my MIMOSA results?

You can sort by class or applicant. To do this, select Options/Product preferences/Hitlist. Select the field(s) you want and click the single right arrow. The field(s) will then be added to your hitlist. To sort by a given field, just click the heading at the top of the hitlist.

Can I use the History to get an overview of my MIMOSA searches?

As each valid query you make during a session is saved in the History you can manipulate (append, replace or delete) previous queries. Each line contains:

  • a key $1
  • the result
  • the database volume and
  • the query.

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