Online Filing software – new update 5.04 now available

16 January 2012 update

The EPO is pleased to inform users of its Online Filing software that a new update 5.04 for V5 SP3 and V5 SP3.1 is now available for download from the download centre.

Users who prefer not to install it will however still be able to file online without any adverse procedural effects.

Users who have activated the Live Update function will be notified automatically.

The update contains:

  • new features and minor functional changes
    • Server Manager:
      • export and import of User Management from production server to demo server or to production server of a clean new installation
      • support for automated backup of production database when running in client/server installation.
    • File Manager: possibility to create a diagnostic file to facilitate support requests.
    • Tool tips introduced for displaying long labels.
  • minor technical corrections and fixes.

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